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Inside the Pressroom, you will find images and service items including logos, product images, library images, operating instructions as PDF, workbooks and catalogs as PDF, press releases, advertisements, password-protected files, and more.

The copyrights for all services available on this website belong to Braintown GmbH or the respective photographer and may only be used as defined in the following disclaimer.

Disclaimer / Terms and Conditions of Use for Braintown GmbH's Pressroom:

  1. By clicking the button "LOGIN" you agree to have read, understood, and accepted the disclaimer for the use of Braintown GmbH's Pressroom. You will also have accepted this agreement at the latest when downloading, copying, or using any of the images and/or service items offered in Braintown GmbH's Pressroom. If you do not agree to the terms laid out in this agreement, you must not use the Braintown GmbH Pressroom without the express written consent of Braintown GmbH.
  2. The images and/or service items offered in Braintown GmbH's Pressroom include - amongst others - logos, product images, library images, operating instructions (PDF), workbooks and catalogs (PDF), press releases, advertisements, password-protected files and more.
  3. These images and all other service items are offered by Braintown GmbH for royalty-free use. You are entitled to use the offered images and/or service items for PR-related purposes of your company (ONLY in direct association with the products of the respective client) within the scope of the following media outlets: press purposes, text and catalog layouts, web and online design, multimedia presentations, video or film productions, and radio broadcasts.
  4. When using library images, the client and - if explicitly stated - the photographer must be referred to. All product images must be labeled with the name of the respective client. Full details regarding each archive photo can be found in the respective folder.
  5. Braintown GmbH reserves the right to withdraw the usage of these images and/or service items at any time as well as prohibit the utilization of any digital files. All copyrights belong to the individual photographer and/or Braintown GmbH and/or their clients.

  6. Images and/or service items may not, in whole or in part, be altered or modified for any reason whatsoever. In addition images and/or service items that are not offered any longer in the Braintown GmbH Pressroom at the time of publication must not be used anymore. Products already fully produced (e.g. printed) may still be distributed - if produced and offered/distributed following these terms and conditions of use - as long as they do not infringe the rights of third parties and/or juridical/contractual restraining orders.
  7. This service is provided "as is". You may not transfer rights granted to you to any third party. You alone are responsible for the use of this service. In case you violate these Terms of Use, Braintown GmbH may request that you seize or correct the images and/or service items at your own expense or discontinue the distribution of the product. Braintown GmbH will prohibit any further use of this service and possibly assert contractual and legal claims, especially claims for compensation, in case of any abuse of the service items or violation of this agreement. In the event of third-party claims against Braintown GmbH based upon the unlawful use of the service items, you are obliged to release Braintown GmbH from any claims.
  8. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply. For all legal disputes arising from the use of Braintown GmbH's Pressroom, it shall be agreed - if legally permissible - that the court of jurisdiction shall be Munich.
  9. Should one or several conditions in this agreement wholly or partly become invalid, or if this agreement contains a gap, the validity of the remaining conditions shall not be affected thereby. In place of the ineffective condition or in order to fill the gap, a reasonable condition shall be inserted that comes closest to the purpose of this agreement and the legal meaning of the original condition.